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    He Is Called ‘Popeye’ After His Mystery Condition

    This adorable young boy is now known as 'Popeye' after a mystery illness left him with huge swollen biceps.

    Daniel Salvame, 11, had started noticing swelling on his right upper arm when he was just four years old and since then his classmates began teasing him.

    He Is ‘Popeye’ With Unknown Condition

    Within a couple of years, this young boy had developed an enormous arm which resembled that of a fully grown bodybuilder.

    Check the video as the boy reveals about his experience.

    Daniel's classmates at his school in Rizal, Philippines, had started bullying the young lad over the unusual appearance. He being the brave little guy started hitting back by telling them that he was like cartoon hero Popeye.

    Now the little lad dreams of being a bodybuilder and martial arts pro so he can prove the bullies wrong.

    Speaking to media, the boy revealed: 'My name's Daniel, but people call me Popeye of course. I have big muscles.'

    'My friends have teased me because I look strange, but it does not worry me. I have arms like Popeye!'

    "I will be a bodybuilder and learn martial arts when I'm older. Then I can go back to them and say 'look at me now'. They will be sorry.''

    Well, way to go, kid, we wish him luck. What do you think of this little man's great attitude? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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