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Real-life Story Of The Man Who Lived And Died Without Ever Seeing A Woman

This story will leave you baffled, but it is a true story of a man who never saw any woman in his life!

The man named Mihailo Tolotos is said to have spent 82 years of his entire life, where he did not even know the existence of women on this planet!

Though this seems to be totally impossible, but the facts that played a vital role in his life make us realise that he was for REAL!

This is a story of Mihailo Tolotos, about whom the world does not know much about and there is very less information available about the same. So, read on to know more about this man.


He Was A Greek Orthodox Monk

Mihailo Tolotos was a Greek orthodox monk who died in the year 1938 at the age of 82. All through his life, he never knew what a woman looked like. And trust us, this is no joke!

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The History Reveals

In 1856 when he was just 4 hours old, his mother is said to have passed away. Since nobody came ahead, the young boy was abandoned at the steps of a monastery, which was atop Mount Athos.


He Was Adopted By The Monastery

The young baby was adopted by the monastery and the monks named him Michael Tolotos. He never ever ventured past the gates of the monastery, his entire life.

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A Law Was Passed

A law was passed in 1060 which had banned woman and animals from entering the Mount. The rule was in complete force. Apparently, the law stands rigid till date.

Image Source: Flickr


Only Males Are Allowed Here

At Mount Athos, only male tourists are allowed to enter the monastery and the place has rules that do not allow the monks to shave, bathe, fight, argue and ask what lies beyond the walls of the monastery.

So guess this was the reason why he could never meet or even know about the opposite sex.

Image Source: Flickr

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