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Bizarre Case Of A Man Who Had A Horn Growing From His Penis!

There are many cases of abnormal growths in human bodies that are reported. But this case is quite bizarre and shocking.

This is a case of an Indian man who was left with a one-inch-long horn that was growing out at the end of his penis!

Check out more details about the case where a man had a horn growing from his penis!


The Case Happened In India

This bizarre case of an unnamed 60-year-old man suffering from a strange growth in penis was reported in India. The doctors revealed that it was a side effect of an operation to repair his urethra.

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The Growth Happened After He Was Treated

According to reports, the man underwent an operation to repair his urethra two months ago. The man realised that he had a strange growth in his penis and it looked like a horn!


The Doctors Examined It And Removed It

When the man had reported to the doctor about his abnormal growth, the medics removed the growth. A few days later, the man realised that it grew back again and it was bigger than before!


The Horn Growth

The strange growth was reported to be a penile cutaneous horn which was said to be yellow and brown in colour. The surgeons removed the growth the second time, and a biopsy was conducted in which the results concluded that the growth wasn't cancerous.

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The Man Was Treated

The surgeons were able to remove the horn for the second time as well and the medics revealed in the report that there was no lasting damage caused to the man's penis.



Cutaneous horns are nothing but the excessive build-up of keratin. This is the same protein that forms hair, skin and nails.

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