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Have You Wondered Why 3 am Is Called The Devil's Hour?

Have you ever wondered why 3 am is known as the devil's hour? It is believed that the evil spirits which lead hell are known to be most active at this hour of the day.

Here in this article, we will also reveal to you the details about the reasons as to why 3 am is known to be the devil's hour!

The Timing!

The other hour which is generally 3 am to 4 am is believed to be active for demonic activities, and at 3 am it is said to be the highest.

It Is Also Considered To Be An Unlucky Time

According to Christian beliefs, it is believed that Jesus was crucified at around 3 pm. This was the time which was also considered to be the most "godly" hour. However, it is believed that precisely 12 hours later that is at 3 am, the demonic activities set in. In spiritual belief, demons are considered to be the weakest at 3 pm, and are the strongest at 3 am!

The Rituals

According to specific religious beliefs, it is said that 3 am also was the time when maximum rituals and sacrifices are believed to take place. This is the perfect time that one can become more powerful than any other time.

The Movies Add On To The Fear

3 am is also seen as a very unholy time in the movies. Movies like 'The Conjuring', or even the 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' tend to show the clock stop at 3 in the morning or when Emily manages to find herself waking up to a strange smell at 3 am every day!

However, The Actual Fact

However, the fact is that in real life, there is no scientific theory to support any of these claims that are mentioned above.

According to science, most of us are in our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle during this hour of the night. Scientifically, it is revealed that our body is completely relaxed at this point of time regarding the heartbeat, cardiac pressure or even the pulse rate. Hence, if you tend to wake up suddenly, then you are bound to feel a little jittery.

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