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Real Life Stories: Horrific Images Of The Girl Who Was Starved By Her Grandfather

With people taking onto social media to share their abuse stories, we bring you the story of a young girl who shared her own story of being a victim of domestic violence by her own grandfather!

Here, in this article, we are sharing the story of the girl who shared her story of being abused for eating food!

She was abused by her own grandfather and her weight dropped to just 37 lbs, which is just 16.8 kg!

Her story is going viral since the time she has shared her horrific images, which make her look like a zombie. Find out more on this below.


She Revealed Her Story On Twitter!

This Japanese girl shared her story on social media handle Twitter. She posted her own horrific pictures, which were clicked 10 years back! The Twitterians went crazy seeing those pictures.


She Revealed About Her Abuse

As she posted her own pictures where she was starving to death, she revealed on how she became a victim of domestic abuse by her own grandfather. She revealed on how she was kicked and hurt every time she tried to eat something.

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She Was Made To PUKE!

The every morsel of food that she had in hiding, her grandfather would kick her hard in the stomach and he would go on to an extent of even making her puke on the little food that she had eaten in hiding.


People Did Not Believe Her Story

Most of the social media people retorted and claimed that the girl was lying about her condition and she had apparently created her own story of abuse. But this did not let her down from sharing her story.

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She Was Just 16.8 Kg!

When she claimed that she weighed just 16.8 kg, people went berserk and wanted to know the actual fact, following which she went ahead and shared some more pictures of herself when she was rescued and taken to the hospital.


She Was Saved At The Right Time!

According to reports, she was saved at the nick of time, as experts had told her she was 'ten minutes away from death' when she was admitted to the hospital, after which things changed for the better for her.

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Her Reason For Sharing Her Abuse Story

The only reason that she shared her story was to urge all the people and make them aware of the conditions in which people suffered from eating disorders or even the ones who are suffering from such abuse to no end.


About Her Family

While the girl revealed about her ordeal, she did not reveal if any actions were taken against her grandfather or any other family members of hers.

Wish to read more such real life stories? Let us know in the comment section below.

All Images Source: Asiawire

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