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    Facts About Serial Killers That You Definitely Shouldn't Read After 10 PM!

    By Saaransh Arora

    A serial killer is a typical person who has killed three or more people in more than one month, including a specific time interval between each killing. According to the FBI, these killers kill victims for financial gain, attention seeking, thrill and anger.

    They also have something in common such as race, gender, appearance, demographic profile, etc. Around 70% of these killers were related to substance abuse, which made them do the crime.

    serial killers

    Most of the serial killers have confessed that they started because of fantasies on small animals and later they moved to humans, as it brought them a great pleasure.

    All of these killers have a thing in common, which is a dysfunctional family or background that ruined their childhood, because of which they find all of these activities to be interesting and pleasurable.

    Many of the serial killers have accepted the fact that they had killed the women, as they found dead women sexually more attractive than the living ones, as they cannot provide the pleasure they want.

    These people are called as 'Psychopaths' and do not feel shame in doing such an activity, as they find it more appealing and good. Psychopaths are different from Sociopaths, as the Sociopaths can be more violent and gruesome at times. And their mental condition can never be brought back to normal even with professional help.

    The Story Behind The World's Youngest Serial Killer 

    Psychopaths are very different from a contract killer, as they are never afraid of doing anything, getting caught by the police or spending their whole life in the jail. They also tend to blame the victim for the situation and never take responsibility of the murder.

    These serial killers are found to be very impatient and aggressive, they also tend to get bored from things very easily and want to do something else that can give them pleasure and fulfill their weird fantasies. These killers also usually pick some souvenir from the crime scene for example, strands of hair, pictures of the victim, clothes of the victim and also leave behind a mark, which often leads to them.

    It is believed that 70% of these serial killers had some or the other head injury during their childhood because of which their prefrontal cortex was damaged and they lack planning and judgement of any sort, combined with thin amygdala that can be very fatal.

    The United States has the most number of serial killers recorded. Dr. H.H Holmes is considered to be USA's first serial killer and had killed at least 27 people. He was caught by the police in the Chicago World Fair, after which he claimed that he had driving forces so strong that he could not stop himself from doing the act.

    Luis Garavito or 'The Beast', a Colombian citizen, is considered to be the most prolific serial killer of all time who had supposedly killed more than 400 people and was convicted for killing 138 street children and responsible for several rapes and was sent to jail in 1999.

    Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman 

    He was jailed for 30 years' maximum according to the Colombian Law, which was reduced to 22 years, since he was seen cooperating with the police and showed a good behavior.

    He claimed that he was sexually abused several times during his childhood, which is the most possible reason of him brutally being raped and killing hundreds of people.

    There are plenty of cases in India too that will give you chills, which are absolutely true.

    1. Cyanide Mallika:

    India's first female serial killer who killed 6 people by befriending them at temples, killing them with cyanide and robbing their jewellery was caught. She was given death penalty in 2010 and later it was reduced to life imprisonment in 2012. And she is now serving her sentence in Bengaluru jail.

    2. Auto Shankar:

    In late 1988, a man named Shankar abducted around 8 women from Thiruvanmiyur section of Chennai. He killed the girls, cremated them and dropped their ashes into the Bay of Bengal. He was caught in a very filmy style after a girl complained that an auto driver tried to harass and abduct her. Police went undercover and started working with the wine shop to catch the killer. All the information was admitted by Shankar after he was caught by the police.

    3. Stoneman Killer:

    In 1985, a man would kill unsuspecting victims sleeping on the sides of the road with a big stone weighing as much as 30 kg. This happened until 1988 in Mumbai and then stopped after he killed almost 12 people. The year after that, it had started again in Calcutta, where the person killed 12 people in a similar fashion; but this time in a span of 6 months. The mystery of the Stoneman Killer is still unsolved till date, and with no suspects.

    4. Beer Man:

    This suspected killer operated between the years 2006 and 2007. The killer would leave empty beer bottles next to the body. In 2008, a person named Ravindra Kantrole was convicted for the 7th murder but was later left free because the forensic tests done were not admissible.

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    Story first published: Monday, May 14, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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