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    WTH! This Woman Drinks Her Dog’s Urine To Clear Acne

    From trying the bizarre peel-off masks to consuming the most bizarre things, people go an extra mile to stay healthy and look beautiful.

    Here is one such bizarre case where a young woman claims to drink her dog's pee and claims that it has helped her get clear skin and fight acne; she also claims that the dog's pee can also help in curing cancer!

    WTH! This Woman Drinks Her Dog’s Urine To Clear Acne

    Her video is going viral as she is seen collecting the fresh pee of her dog and gulping down the frothy warm bizarre drink that she claims is the secret to her beautiful skin!

    She claims that the dog's pee is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and it is also believed to have 10 gram of calcium, and it also helps to cure cancer. However, there is no proof that these claims are true. No studies have provided sufficient evidence of its efficacy or health benefits.

    This Man Has Been Drinking His Own Urine For The Last 6 Years!

    The "urotherapy" that was practised in ancient China, Rome, Greece and Egypt is not practised these days as the world has moved on to better medicines and does not rely on these treatments. It only makes us wonder what made her opt for this option.

    The Doctors Think

    The point of urination is apparently to rid the body of excess, and it does not make sense on why you want to re-absorb it.

    The Medics Claim

    "The only time it's medically recommended to ingest urine is if you're stranded without food or water for many days."

    Whatever the reason can be, but it only makes us feel disgusted on how one can drink a DOG'S PEE.

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