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His Skin Turned Orange As He Ate Baby Food Until 9!

There is one food item that we all are addicted to and cannot stop eating. While some love chocolate, others love cheese. No matter how much they are placed in front of us, we can never get enough of it.

One such addiction got a young boy in trouble after his skin turned orange, as he was addicted to eating baby food.

The Boy Whose Skin Turned Orange!

For one little boy, his favourite food turned out to be his worst nightmare. Luckily, he is now on the rebound.

This is the case of little Harry Smith who used to refuse to eat anything else but his favourite baby food until he turned nine years old.

His favourite meal of eating baby food eventually turned the boy's skin to a bright shade of orange. The boy's mother was concerned for her son's health and decided to consult a doctor before his condition worsened.

According to reports, when Harry turned one, and he still wouldn't eat solid foods, his mom became understandably concerned. As any mom would, Angela was suspecting an illness, but the doctors and everyone else around her tried to calm her down by telling her that the boy was just a fussy eater and that 'he will grow out of it', but unfortunately it did not happen.

The mother of the boy revealed that Harry could easily gulp down up to 12 jars of baby food a day. Hence, she took him to a psychologist who specialises in food phobia.

The doctors revealed that the boy suffered from 'Selective Eating Disorder' and with few sessions down with the therapy, the boy's condition seemed to be improving.

He started trying out bread, chicken and cheese. However, he still refuses to eat green veggies and eggs. Doctors reveal that he even does eat a lot of solid foods like gammon, pancakes, pizza and Yorkshire puddings.

Harry's mom Angela revealed that the first time he had ever eaten a solid food, it made her emotional and the feeling was incredible. The mother's joy knew no boundaries, as she realised that her little kid does not need the baby food any longer like before and the sessions have helped him recover from this condition.

While Harry's family is working on getting him on the right track as soon as possible, he still needs more time to improve with his condition.

Do you know anybody who suffers from such a condition? Share your story in our comment section below.

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