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Meet Lulu Hashimoto, The “Living Doll” Fashion Model

If you have been a great fan of dolls, then you need to know about this place where you can actually live a life dressed up like a doll!

Becoming a living doll is mostly about applying thick layers of makeup, putting on the right clothes and even posing in a doll-like position.

A fashion designer named Hitomi Komaki is just 24 years old and has created Lulu Hashimoto who is a real living doll.

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Check out more details about Lulu Hashimoto, the "Living Doll" Fashion Model who has been ruling the fashion industry for a while now.


All About Lulu Hashimoto

Lulu Hashimoto is the world's first living doll fashion model. One can actually become her by putting on a realistic body suit that consists of a doll head mask, a wig and even stockings that are patterned with doll-like joints! The level of realism that is displayed by Lulu Hashimoto is so realistic that it looks like a real living doll and it is Japan's newest fashion sensation.


The Designer Hitomi Komaki Is A Fan Of Dolls!

The 23-year-old fashion designer, Hitomi Komaki is said to be a great fan of dolls and believes they are an "epitome of cuteness". Hitomi has been creating these ball-jointed dolls with a round figure for a head. She has been doing this for over a decade as a hobby. But she got the idea for a real-life doll when she saw the life-size hyper-realistic doll heads made by a creative team called Nukopan. As she found them fascinating, she contacted them, and they started a joint venture of creating Lulu Hashimoto.


The Main Element Of The Lulu Body Suit

Apart from getting the doll's head in place, the final element for the Lulu body suit was essential to create the perfect doll-like appearance. Hence the ball-jointed stockings were designed by the fashion designer Koh Ueno, who has a whole line of doll-like stockings and doll-like joints which he airbrushed on the fabric. The detailed work is quite surprising as it adds an extra layer of realism to Lulu.

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The Creator Believes

Since the time Lulu Hashimoto was launched, there have been various human models who have to put on the bodysuit to bring the doll to life, but the creator believes that fans should trust that Lulu has her own identity.

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