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A Spider Was Found Living In A Pensioner’s Ear!

Watching spiders around can scare many of us, but what would happen if they seem to get real close to you? Sounds weird, right?

This is a case of a man who had a spider in his ear, and the strangest fact was that it even had built its cobweb!

Check out this bizarre case of the spider being found in the ear of the man!


It Crawled Inside His Ear!

It is reported that the unnamed man had a strange feeling as a spider was found living in his ear. It was revealed that the spider had crawled inside and made its web.

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The Incident Happened In China

The pensioner who lives in China was apparently complaining to doctors about a discomfort that he started experiencing in his ear. He felt a strange feeling where it sounded like "something was beating a drum".


He Ignored The Pain Initially

Even though he felt discomfort in his ear, especially during his sleep time, he ignored it. He further added that there were noises like something was beating a drum.


The Spider Was Discovered

The medics from Dalian Central Hospital in northeastern China apparently performed an endoscopy and found the culprit spider. The doctors were shocked to see a horrifying bean-sized spider that was about two-inches deep. The spider is said to have had spun webs around it to make itself at home.


The Doctors Were Successful In Removing It

The ENT specialist managed to flush out the spider by spraying his ear canal with just water. The man is said to have recovered from this agony.



The medics revealed that they had seen numerous cases of flying insects like a ladybird or even cockroaches getting stuck in a human ear as a common thing.

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