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    These Creepiest Websites Are The Worst Things On The Internet Now

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    As we know, the internet is an awesome place with many stupid, creepy and scary things. Those who love the genre of Horror frequently search for horror-related stories, while those who love comedy will love searching for funny and hilarious stories.

    What we have found out today is about some of the creepiest websites around the internet, which will surely give you Goosebumps and creep you out!

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    These websites not only have a poor layout, but they fail to come up with user-engaging content as well. With several odd animations to recording people's final moment before a plane crash, these websites will surely haunt you for life!

    Because these websites are so interesting to be taken a glance at, here we mention to you some of the creepiest websites on the planet earth, which you definitely must stay away from if you're a weak-hearted person.


    1. Plane Crash Info

    Plane crash info is one among those creepy websites which will give you final maps, photos, audio or recordings of people before a plane crash takes place. This creepy website will provide you something more, which is quite strange. You can literally check out the MP3s of flight crashing and people's last words onbroad. Strange, isn't it?


    2. Death Map

    One among the creepy, weird and strange websites is the death map. This website actually shows you the statistical stimulation of people dying and being born around the world. If you check out the website, you can observe red dots and green dots. The red dots represent the death of a person, while green dots represent the birth of a person. One of the worst things on the website is the show death box where you can literally watch people dying around the world.


    3. Divine Interventions

    This is a website of an online store that focuses on selling Bible-related sex toys. It has a lot more to do with Christianity. This website has attracted a lot of controversies earlier and it has surely hurt the religious sentiments of the people.


    4. Death Date

    One more creepy yet scary website in the list! Death date is one among those scary websites which will tell the date of your death! After entering some data required by the website, it will tell you the exact date of your death. Once you enter the data, the site will calculate the months and dates that are left to live. Yes, they would also show the percent of life you have already wasted.


    5. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

    If you are looking for scary and ghostly stuff on the internet, then you should be checking out - Bongcheon-Dong Ghost. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is an online magazine that promises to scare the shit out of you. These comics are disturbing and scary AF. It is said that the website is so scary that people barely stick to the website for a minute. Usually, everyone escapes! You can scroll down to start reading a new comic.

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    6. Rate My Poo

    This website is not only creepy but the worst! This website involves people who will rate pictures of your poop. You need to upload the pictures of your poop and people will rate your poop on how charming or angry it actually looks! Yes, people literally participate in this shitty activity! If you're a poop lover, you can proceed to this gross website.


    7. Skyway Bridge

    Skyway Bridge is one among those creepy websites that missions to track the death or suicides taking place on the popular suicide bridge in the US. In order to know the recent suicide taking place on the bridge, you can simply click the website and find out people who have recently jumped off the bridge. The website also provides you with a separate column where you can fill in the data and mention about the details of the jumper. It soon gets updated!


    8. Staggering Website

    This is a weird website which does not literally require its existence! This strange website has a black worm which follows your mouse and starts raving you in case you are moving too fast! This website is existing for the sake of existing and it has no special feature to know more!


    9. Hashima Island

    In case you're interested to explore the forgotten world of the coast of Japan, you need to visit this website now. The website shows Hashima Island, a real place, which is known as the ghost island of Japan. From the coal mines to the stairway to hell, this website will make you feel like you're literally there.

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