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Things That Need To Be Banned In India

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India is a place where it is believed that rules are meant to be broken and banning things around us does no good as we often break the rules and hardly follow them. Yet there are certain things that need to be immediately banned in India. Here we are about to share a list of the things that need to be banned right away!

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There are many things around us that need to be banned. It is either for the betterment of the place or the given situation. Creating a list of things that can be banned is important as it helps to curb the adverse effects of these things.

Check out the list of things which we need to ban for the betterment of the things around...



Cancer is the most common disease that people are suffering from these days. People are getting cancer smoking cigarettes and other forbidden things. It should be banned not only in India, but everywhere in the world.


Saas-Bahu TV Crap!

Holy-Lord! This is something that needs to be banned right away! Even though there would be many people who would be unemployed, these serials should be banned as they are nothing, but sheer waste of time!

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Dangerous Drugs

Rave parties, crowded with people getting high, are something that need to be banned right away. Since youngsters are more prone to drugs these days, there should be right ways as to how they can be curbed.


Moral Policing

Moral policing is all over the place! Couples are often threatened and caught and fined due to PDA. Many people take advantage of their power and traumatise innocent couples.



This should be one of the first things to be banned in India. People should be punished when they are caught throwing stuff around as when one does, the rest follows; the result is a dirty neighbourhood!


Peeing In Public

Though there are many notes around on the walls where people are asked not to spit or urinate, people tend to still do it. People should be heavily fined for doing so.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2017, 16:37 [IST]
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