Why Do Hindus Shave Their Head After A Death In Their Family?

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In every religion, there are certain rituals that we need to follow. Some of the rituals that we follow are not necessary while a few have real deep meanings. And there are those rituals which we blindly follow and do not get to the root of the ritual.

Here, we are about to highlight the reasons as to why Hindus shave their head when a family member dies.
This is one of the rituals that need to be followed even after the death of any elderly member of the family.

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Learn more about this unique ritual of shaving the head which is also known as 'Mundan'.


This Is A Very Old Practice That Is Still Being Followed

The practice of shaving the head which is also known as 'Mundan', has been going on for years and is still prevalent in some parts of India.


The Wife Shaves Her Head...

When the wife of the deceased gets her hair shaved as a sign of permanent widowhood. In this practice the woman is not allowed to grow her hair any longer and she is also expected to stay bald until the end of her life.


The Son/Man Shaves His Head...

The son of the deceased or the man who is performing the last rites of the deceased, get their head shaved. But it is not necessary for them to be bald all throughout their lives. This lasts only for the days of mourning.

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The Belief...

It is believed that shaving off the hair from the scalp and the 'Mundan', means that it helps men to let go of their ego and gives them a sense of responsibility and also reminds them to be selfless and obedient.


Emotional Belief...

It is believed that shaving of the head helps to prepare a person to provide guidance to the family and helps them prepare for the change and the difficulties that they might face in coming times.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2017, 11:54 [IST]
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