Why Do Transgenders Become Prostitutes

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When you come across a person who is a transgender, you would see them on the roadside either begging or see them standing in a shady place where prostitutes work.

Ever wondered why? What pushes them into this flesh trade when they can work hard and earn money?

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When we start looking for answers to their professions, our society is to be blamed to a great extent, as there are hardly any job sections that allot them any work as per their eligibility.

Here, we are about to share the actual reasons as to why transgenders turn into prostitutes to earn their livings.

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Check out their heartbreaking stories/reasons as to what pushes them into this business of flesh trade.


They Are Barred From Social Lives!

They are barred from social lives. Be it attending school, or getting married, having children or just making friends, they are hardly allowed to lead a normal life.


Their Existence Dates Back To The Mughal Armies

Since they are physically big and are stronger, they were appointed as lifeguards and even Generals in the Mughal armies. However, nowadays, they are the most ignored class in the society in terms of job allotment.


Only Money And No Love!

Since there were hardly any jobs available for these people and begging at signals or making easy money through prostitution was an easy option for them, they started earning for their living through these easy ways.


The Trade Comes With A Lot Of Risks

They are exposed to various STDs and viruses. Most of them are not even aware of their health condition, as this is the best option for them to make money. With no choice left, they opt for this profession.


Finally, The World Is Changing Around Us!

Now, with the present rules that the government has made, there's something called a gender 'E' that has brought in a lot of luck for these third gender people.

Hope these guys get jobs that do not lead them to these darker lanes of life. If you have any comment or message, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2017, 19:04 [IST]
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