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Dip Yourself In A Pool Of Wine, Green Tea And Coffee Here!

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When you are on a holiday what else would be better than you realising that the spa offers a wine, green tea or even a coffee bath?

Sounds crazy, right? But there is a spa in Japan where one can enjoy all these facilities when on a vacation!

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According to sources, the Yunesson Spa Resort even offers a ramen noodle bath at the spa, as well as seasonal specials!

So, check out on this unique spa!


The Resort Believes…

The resort believes that swimming through red wine actually has rejuvenating benefits. They have different pools with different drinks and they claim that each pool has its own share of health benefits.


The Wine Pool

As the red wine contains resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental damage, it is really beneficial to bathe in this. So each day fresh red wine is poured into the pool. While the visitors can soak in wine, they can even enjoy a drink or two.


The Green Tea Pool

A teapot is seen above a small outdoor pool that is filled with green tea grown in Japan's Tanzawa and Hakone mountains. As the green tea contains antioxidants called catechins, it protects the cells and keeps one's skin looking younger. According to sources, this tea spa is kept hot at around 42 degree Centigrade.

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Other Bath Options…

There are other varieties of baths that are available at this unique place. Be it chocolate or the salt water bath, it is said that the salt water bath is so thick that bathers can also float on them!

What do you think of this unique concept? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 5, 2017, 20:45 [IST]
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