Heard About The Spa Where Snakes Give A Massage?

Spas may be expensive, but these places surely help one feel rejuvenated, relaxed and fresh. These are the places where we wish to head to loosen up ourselves and come out feeling highly energetic.

There are different massages and therapies that have come up as the latest trends. But amidst this, do you know that there have been people who have been using snakes for massages?

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This is something unique, as it is believed that snakes crawling over the body of the customer makes them feel highly relaxed.

Check out more on these unique spas that offer massages with snakes.


It Is A New Way To Feel Relaxed

In Indonesia and Thailand, people are using a whole new unique way to give relaxation to their customers and it is by the use of snakes and pythons. This is not a joke, as you can see how the snakes are placed on the customers.


It Is A Crazy Idea...

These massage parlours and spas have introduced a new way to give relaxation to its customers by giving them body massages using snakes. Though this sounds crazy and insane, it's the truth. There are different snakes of various varieties and sizes that are used to give massages to people of different structures.


These Snakes Are Not Poisonous

The poison/venom from the snakes is extracted completely, after which they are used for giving a massage to people. Apparently, these snakes crawl all over the bodies of customers and give a massage to them. A survey even revealed that this is so far the best way to give a body massage.


It Is Quite Relaxing

When the customers get a body massage by the snakes, they feel relaxed within a few minutes and this method even helps in providing relief from body pain. It also acts like a therapeutic treatment that calms the whole body and mind.


These Massages Are Getting Popular…

Body massages by snakes are getting popular day by day in Indonesia and Thailand; and the trend is spreading across in other countries as well, where people are moving towards this unique way of relaxation.


A Zoo In Philippines Also Follows This…

A Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines is said to be following certain steps where people are queuing up for this unique experience of getting a body and mind relaxation massage. The best part is that it's absolutely free unlike the heavy prices of spas.

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What Exactly They Do In The Spa

Most of these pythons are taken out of their cages and placed one at a time on top of visitors, who are asked to lie down on a bamboo bed. The zoo keepers keep a watchful eye, as their snakes give massage to the people.


The Snakes Weigh Over 250 Kg!

The snakes weight around 250 kg, and there is no escape from the snakes once the treatment starts. The slithering motion of these pythons and snakes is said to feel highly therapeutic and calming. They even go to the extent of flicking their tongues over the customer's body and give them a bonus tickling session as well!


The Catch!

But there is a serious clause for people using this therapeutic treatment, as it can only be experienced by brave hearts. It is said that once the treatment starts, you can't shout, as the snakes can feel your vibrations and may think you're a prey or predator.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 18, 2017, 17:10 [IST]
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