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She Tricked Her Family Into Thinking She Was On A Holiday, But She Was Not!

Everything that we see online these days is not a fact and this case is a sure example of it, where the girl did not travel to any of the places and instead was at her home and tricking the world that she is on a great holiday!

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Check out this unique way at how the Dutch student Zilla Van Den Born proved to the world on how easy it is to fool the world with just a few simple photoedits. All this was done for a social experiment that she was working on.

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Read on to know how easily she tricked her entire family and friends about her trip and the detailing of the trip, and about the different dishes that she tried in those pictures, which made them believe it to be too real!

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She Waved Goodbye To Her Family And Friends…

Her family dropped her off at the airport and she quietly returned home and posted pictures after editing them using photoshop!


She Tricked Them With Even Letters…

She sent postcards to her family and none of them noticed that the postcards which she'd sent were actually stamped with Dutch postmarks! This is how easy it is to trick a person's mental state.


It's All About Using The Photoshop Cleverly!

To make the pictures look real to the maximum, she used the original pictures of the Asian countries. All that she did was to edit the pictures using the photoshop effects.


She Apparently Went To Exotic Beaches!

She apparently went to exotic beaches, luxury resorts and even travelled in tuk tuks! All this while she was in her bedroom!


There Was Only One Person Who Knew The Fact!

The only person who knew about her experiment was her boyfriend, as she had stayed in the room for the 42 days.


She Even Did Snorkeling!

She apparently posted pictures of her snorkeling in turquoise water with tropical fish around her, online! How cool is that!


But The Reality Was…

But the fact was she shot these pictures in a local swimming pool and she edited them again with photoshop.


She Regularly Kept Updating Pictures

She regularly sent her pictures to her friends and family to keep them convinced about her visit around Asia. This is how all were convinced about her visit.


Finally, She Revealed The Fact About Her Ghost Trip!

After she posted the exotic pictures and updates, she revealed to her family and friends about the entire experiment and they were completely shocked! She even filmed their reactions.


Her Aim In Doing So…

She said, "My goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality. I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media."

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