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A Love Story Told In Just Pictures!

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When love is true, it only gets better and stronger, and a couple just proved the same!

Here, we bring you a heart-melting story of a couple who have proved to the world that love gets better and only better with time and there is nothing that changes it!

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This couple has been through some real tough times and yet stayed by each other's side, which made their love even more stronger!

Check out this amazing story of the couple that has been explained in just pictures, as sometimes, pictures can do all the talking!


This Is The Story Of...

This is the story of Taylor Morris, who is a 23-year-old Navy EOD tech.


He & His Girlfriend!

It's him with his beloved girlfriend Danielle. This is during their happy times!


They Were In Love!

The couple met, and fell in love instantly. It took no time for the love sparks to ignite their lives.


He Had To Leave For Work!

This dedicated smart guy went on to serve in the Kandahar province in Afghanistan.


His Work Included...

He worked as an explosive ordinance disposal specialist in the Navy.


His Life Changed In A Split Of A Second!

While he was leading a team of Army Special forces to a classified location, he stepped on an IED. After which, his life changed completely.


He Was Lucky To Have Survived The Blast!

He was very lucky to have survived the blast, as the bomb exploded underneath him. Unfortunately, it blew off all four of his limbs.


This Is Not The End Of The Story...

This man is a true fighter and he has been fighting since then! What happened to him after he lost all four of his limbs is something that will melt your heart!


Danielle Was His Strength!

Danielle made sure she was by his side through his struggle. Her love for him was the same and had become more stronger as she saw him fight!


She Helped Him With His Daily Struggles

She helped him exercise and get stronger with every passing day.


He Started Recovering...

All thanks to Danielle's love and his family's support, Taylor started to recover.


Check out these images, as they take you through their journey.

happy ever after

We wish the couple good luck.

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