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Hilarious Photoshoot of Pregnancy Announcement That Went Viral

Happiness does not have any boundaries, especially when a couple gets to know of the good news of having a baby. The smiles and excitement make things interesting for the entire family.

A unique couple announced their pregnancy news to their family and friends in the most hilarious way.

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This is the story of a paraplegic man and his fiancée who decided to share this unexpected great news with their families and friends in the most funny way.

Check out the story of this unique couple which is going viral on the net for all the right and good reasons...


This Is The Story Of…

This is the story of 'Todd Krieg and his fiancée Amanda Diesen'. Todd had found himself to be paralyzed after he met with an unfortunate dirt bike accident. During his therapy sessions, he met Amanda and it was love at first sight.


They Got The Good News…

Few years into the relationship, the couple realised that they are going to have a baby and this was totally unexpected. The couple felt "extremely shocked and overwhelmed."


The Couple Decided To Have A Creative And Humorous Photoshoot

To announce the unforeseen pregnancy to their friends and family, the couple decided to have a creative and humorous photoshoot. Todd was seen with his tongue sticking out and he apparently gives the camera a thumbs up, while Amanda looks down, embarrassingly, with a note reading "It still works!" How cute is that!


The Pictures Are Hilarious

The couple used humor throughout their relationship, as it was an easy way to cope with Todd's condition and make the best out of every situation they're facing. This photoshoot could not be less than that! Hence, the pictures also had to have humor in a way.


An Unexpected Sweet Thing Happened...

During the photoshoot, the most unexpected sweet thing happened and that was when Todd proposed to Amanda and her answer was a definite 'Yes'.


Their Relationship Teaches Us A Lesson…

This couple sure have demonstrated the importance of being open and accepting to anything life throws our way and also the fact that the best things come to us when they're least expected.

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