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She Spent $50K To Look Like An Exotic Barbie!

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Most of us are never satisfied with our looks and hence choose to look a little more prettier than needed.

This makes many of them to undergo surgeries to enhance their "assets" and look; and this is something a woman named "Martina Big" had done initially.

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Check out the bizarre story of how Martina Big changed her looks drastically to get the perfect look and feel of a Barbie doll.

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From her looks to the skin tone, she has got it all changed and claims that there is no stopping to it. Check out this unique story.


Meet Martina Big…

Martina Big has been spending more than $50,000 on surgeries, and all this to transform herself into an "Exotic Barbie Doll!"


She Initially Wanted To Be…

She claimed, "At first, I wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price." She further added, "But now, I realize that is not for me. These women are not curvy enough!"


She Added…

"And so now, I am more inspired by Barbie or Jessica Rabbit but I go my own way and am creating my own extreme look".


She Claims She Has The Biggest Breasts…

Martina's breast size is 32S. Her breasts are so huge that she claims it to be the biggest in the European continent!


She Wishes To Spend More…

She even stated that she plans to spend more on different surgeries, despite her already extreme look.


She Also Has Done This…

Apparently, Martina is said to have had three melanin-boosting injections, which have turned her skin to a deep shade of mahogany.


She Wishes To Get It Darker…

She said, "I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme. Now I just want to get darker and darker and see what the limits are."


She Also Stated....

She loves the contrast of her bright blonde hair and her "dark, crispy brown skin." She loves the shocking reactions she gets from people and yet claims that nothing is going to stop her from experimenting on her looks even further!

Check out her Facebook page to know more about her.

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