Couple Who Spent Lakhs To Look Perfect

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Who does not wish to look amazingly pretty and beautiful and have a perfect body, right? Here is a perfect example of this, where a couple dedicated their entire life to just look like real-life 'Ken and Barbie'!

This article is all about a couple who spent over $500,000 on just plastic surgeries to look like the perfect Barbie couple.

Find out more about this interesting case, where the couple underwent some of the most bizarre surgeries like removing of ribs to lipo on thighs!

They claim that they love going under the knife every time when it is needed to make them look perfect every single time like a Barbie couple.
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The Barbie Girl…

This model named Pixie who is just 26 years old has undergone up to 17 operations that included the removal of six ribs, four boob jobs and lipo suction. All these surgeries were paid by her savings and her male fans.



The male model named Justin Jedlica is 35 years old and he has undergone more than 340 cosmetic procedures that include 5 rhinoplasties and shoulder, back, bicep, cheek and butt implants!


Relationship Goals

Justin has divorced his husband of three years, wherein Pixee on other hand is determined to not let a relationship stop her from getting more plastic surgeries done in order to look like an alive Barbie.


Celebrities Status...

The couple have become quite famous for their looks. Few people however look at them with total disgust, saying they have nothing but plastic on them.


Love The Attention...

They claim that they love the attention they recieve. After all, nothing can boost your self-confidence than looking just perfect, ain't it! And if you wake up looking like a real Barbie couple, you'd enjoy the attention and crave for it. Who wouldn't like that??

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