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    Psychological Tricks That Can Get You What You Want

    There are so many things that do not work in our favour and we try and sometimes let go of them, thinking that it is just not possible, but do you realise that being a little smart in certain things can help you achieve on what you want? And it is not a joke!

    So, we here at Boldsky are sharing some of the most easiest psychological tricks that you can use to get things done the way you wish to. Seems too impractical, right?

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    We bet, you can try them and be assured that these little tricks can favour you just the way you wish to see the results yourselves...

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    So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get smarter with these little tricks.


    If You Have Been Wishing To Be Friends With Someone For Long…

    There are times when you wish to be friends with somebody for long, but never had the courage to approach, then do not break your head, as you do not have to do much...

    According to a psychologist, to win over someone, all you need to do is to ask them for a small favour and this works, as most people do not mind doing little things to help others. This will make them have the mindset of collaboration and find you as a member of their team.


    If You Wish To Make Your Partner Carry Your Shopping Bags Then...

    This is one of the smartest tricks that you can try with your partner while shopping!
    All that you need to do is talk to them while you walk and smartly hand over whatever you wish for them to carry, and it really works!

    According to psychology, people pay a lot more attention to what you are talking about than what you are doing, so it does not take much time for them to hold the bags for you!


    Stuck In A Crowd?

    This happens most of the time when you are in a concert or a crowded place where you do not have the space to move out!

    All that you need to do in this situation is to keep your eyes on the destination where you wish to go and walk in a focused manner. People will automatically get out of your way and make a path for you just like a queen! We bet, this surely works!


    Trying To Find Out If Your Crush Is Looking Onto You, Then...

    If you are curious to find out if your crush is interested in you but you are not sure if he/she is interested in you or not, then try the trick of yawning!

    You know yawning is contagious, so to find out if the person is staring at you or not, all you need to do is yawn! And alas, if they had been staring at you, it would not take time for them to yawn as well!


    Making Your Advice More Impactful!

    If you are in a situation where you need to advice the other person and are not sure of the outcome, then this trick works!

    All that you need to make your advice more impactful is by saying, ‘I learned this from my granny/grandpa/mom/dad'. Ensure it should be from anyone who is older than you, as this will give more weight to the advice they receive from old people!


    Making Others Agree To What You Want!

    If you wish others to agree with whatever you are saying, then all that you need to do is just nod your head!

    According to psychologists, nodding your head is a sign of confidence and trustworthiness. So every time you are explaining the matter to someone, they will be forced to agree with whatever you are saying. So, make sure you shake your head, as this will get them to agree to your terms and conditions!

    Wish to read more smart things like these? Then, do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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