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Optical Illusions To Confuse Your Brain

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Sometimes, our mind gets confused with the things that happen around us. We get distracted and go bonkers with the illusions that we come across. It is all a mind game.

In this article, we are here to share information on the list of things that will surely confuse your mind if you have a look at it. We bet, you would check out these illustrations twice and see how amazingly the image changes itself when we try and analyse it.

So, find out more about the most interesting and crazy images that can block your mind. Most of these optical illusions have been constantly used in magic shows to enthral the audience.

We are sure you are going to enjoy these slides, while your brain tries to analyse the answers.

So, have a look at these amazing optical illusions and be mesmerised in the world of Illusion.


Is This Gray Haze Shrinking?

Look at the centre of the grey spot. You can see it shrink slowly. amazing illusion, right?


Are These Wheels Spinning?

Just stare at the centre of the wheel. Move your head back and forth and see the wheel spin on its own. WOW!!


Which Guy Is Taller?

Carefully look at the image. Don't you think all three men are of the same height?


Which Line Is Longer?

Well, look at these lines carefully, you will find that all are equal.


How Many Black Dots Can You Count?

Well, you would not agree to the fact that there is no black dot here at all.


Do You See Two Faces Or A Vase?

We bet you are going to see both!!


Are These Lines Straight Or Crooked?

This is quite a tricky one, unless you concentrate and look at it. The lines are straight when you have a closer look.


Do You See Anything Red, White & Blue?

Stare at the centre of the flag for a minute. Then look at a white sheet. You'll see a flag that has red, white and blue colours in it.

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