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Ritual Of Burying People Alive Is Practiced In This Village

Many cultures around the world follow some of the most bizarre customs and rituals that can send chills down our spine. From sacrificing animals to starving, people do follow a lot of such practices that can totally shock any sane individual!

Most of these rituals are so creepy that these can give nightmares to anyone. Here, at Boldsky, we bring to you a very bizarre and hell-frightening ritual that the residents of Santiago de las Vegas, in Cuba, have been following.

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As there are many death rituals that are followed around the the world, this particular ritual will surely give you many sleepless nights. This is a ritual of burying people alive!

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Check out more details on this bizarre practice of burying people alive.


It Is An Age Old Tradition…

People of Santiago de las Vegas in Cuba have been following an age-old inhuman tradition of burying people alive in their graves. This tradition involves great celebration where people are seen celebrating it with great enthusiasm.


The History...

According to reports, the celebration in Santiago de las Vegas happens at about 12 miles south of the Cuban capital. It is generally held on February 5th each year, for the last 30 years, and is known as the Burial of Pachencho.


It Started With…

According to the Historians, this tradition is said to have been followed as a festival every year in Cuba. It is also known as the ‘Alcohol Festival'. Residents living here have claimed that they have been following this festival from a very long time and it has become a legacy that it must be followed each year.


The Festival…

People originally gather in huge numbers and organize rallies where they carry other people in coffins and take them to graveyards for burying them.
Note: These people are said to be alive when the practice is followed.


At The Graveyard

They put the coffin in the grave and mourn on the death of that person. The mourning is then followed by a widow who is said to mourn the death of that person by taking his/her name very loudly.


The Party Begins...

According to the people of Cuba, this festival is celebrated for the belief that ‘being reborn is the most beautiful thing there is in life'. Everyone around drinks alcohol, dances and eats many dishes. It allows them to celebrate the new birth of a person who has been placed in the grave and treated like a dead person. Sounds crazy, right? What is your take on it? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 17:13 [IST]
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