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Women Get Pregnant By Just Sleeping On The Floor For A Night In This Temple!

There are many superstitions that people believe in. Getting to the depth of any belief is not something that we would do on a regular basis.

When a woman tries on the different ways to get pregnant and fails, there are many chances that she would turn to these superstitious beliefs.

Most of the times, women are tricked into trying some of the most bizarre things to get pregnant.

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Check out the case of the temple where women are said to get pregnant by just sleeping on the floor of the temple.

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Find out more on this below...


Where Is It Located?

According to sources, this special temple is located at Simas village near Lad Bharol in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a temple of Goddess Simsa. Simsa Devi is also called ‘Santan-Datri'.

The Temple Is Quite Famous…

This temple is very popular among the people of Himachal Pradesh and the nearby states. There are thousands of barren woman from the nearby states like Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh who visit this temple during Navratri in the hope of a child.

This Place Is Crowded During Navratri…

A large number of couples come to this temple every year in the hope of a child. During Navratri festival, which is also known as ‘salindra' (or dream) by people in the local language, people gather here in large numbers. During Navratri, the childless women live here in the premises of the temple and sleep on the floor during the day and night time.

Goddess Simsa Appears In The Dream…

Women who visit the place with full faith and belief on the goddess are believed to see a dream in general, in which goddess appears in the form of a human being and blesses the woman to have a child. If any woman dreams about receiving a flower or fruit, then it means she will be blessed with a child.

According To The Belief…

According to this, the goddess is also believed to reveal about the sex of the child. If a woman gets a guava in her dream, then it means she will have a boy child and if a woman dreams of an okra (lady's finger), then it means she will have a girl child. Sounds crazy, right?

There Are A Few Clauses As Well…

It is believed that if a woman dreams of some other thing like a stone, wood or metal, then it indicates that she will never have any child. And if the woman doesn't leave the temple premises even after having the dream of not having a child, then it is believed that she would get itchy red spots on her body and then she has to leave the temple at that moment.

Added Bonus Of This Place…

According to reports, there is a big stone near the Simsa temple, which is also very popular. The uniqueness and speciality of this stone is that, if you move this stone with both your hands, then it is said to not move; but if you move it from the little figure of your hand, then it is said to move easily from its place.

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