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    The Borodevi Temple Where Human Blood Is Offered!

    Temples are the most sacred places on earth, but there are certain practices that people follow which are really bizarre.

    From walking barefoot to throwing babies from the rooftop, there are some of the most bizarre things that people do to please the gods, in the name of rituals.

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    There is an ancient temple where the practice of offering human blood still exists. This is a bizarre practice that has been followed here since centuries and it is something that has still not been banned, as people can be still seen following it.

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    Check out the history behind the Borodevi temple and the bizarre offering of human blood.


    Animals Are Not Sacrificed, Instead Humans Were…

    This temple is totally different when compared to other temples, as people please the god with only human blood. The practice of sacrificing humans was banned over 250 years back, until then people would sacrifice other humans.


    More On The Human Blood Offering…

    Every Ashtami night, a puja is performed behind the closed doors, in which the bizarre tradition of human blood offering is dutifully completed by the 52-year-old Shibendra Nath Ray. The devotees believe that without the human blood, the pujas are never considered to be complete.


    Putting An End To This Practice...

    Bakshi was a person who was appointed by the king to oversee all the religious activities in the kingdom. He requested the King to ban the practice, as the scenes of human sacrifice were very gory.


    Currently, It Is Practiced With 3 Blood Drops

    After the ban on sacrificing humans was passed, people started offering 3 drops of their blood on the statues that are beheaded. The Pandits believe that the puja is incomplete if human blood is not offered.

    Would you wish to visit this place? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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