OMG! This Town Was Infested With Cobwebs!

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Imagine waking up on a fine morning and realising that the entire town has been covered with cobwebs! Sounds like a scary dream, right? But what if this fear actually becomes a reality?

This is what happened to the people living in a small town who got a shock of their life, when they realised that the entire fields in their town were covered by cobwebs and that too overnight!

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Check out this interesting, yet bizarre, story of how thousands and thousands of spiders decided to infest the fields of this town! Find out...


It Happened In Trawden, East Lancashire!

According to reports, thousands of spiders descended on the town, and they covered many prominent structures in sticky cobwebs. This is not a common occurrence that generally happens, and scientists claim that they aren't exactly sure as to why it happened!


It Happened So Quickly!

Residents of this town claim that it happened overnight. Imagine waking up to this and you decide to leave the town forever!


The Infestation Was Centered At A Farm

The spiders are likely of the species Dictyna arundinacea, which are a common species in Europe. They had apparently infested a farm more than the entire village!


The Spiders Do Bite!

Researchers claim that the spiders do bite, but their venom is not harmful to humans. They're characterised by white hair and a small body size of 2-3 millimetres on an average. Okay that is enough to creep us out now!


But Why Did The Spiders Do This?

Apparently, they chose this village due to high temperatures here all throughout the year! Whatever be the reason, the sight of so many spiders is surely going to give you nightmares! Hope the villagers have been strong enough to handle this kind of a situation!

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