Meet The Oldest Surgeon In The World

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No advice is better than getting it from an expert; and if the expert is an 89-year-old surgeon, then it is just more than perfect!

Here, we are about to share the story of the world's oldest surgeon who is still performing surgeries, well at least a minimum of 4 surgeries every single day! Truly unbelievable, right?

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She is a true example of what you'd get if you follow your passion in the right direction; and this is what she inspires all to learn from her.

Check out the inspirational story of this 89-year-old woman who is doing great as being the world's oldest surgeon!


Who Is She?

Meet Alla Illyinichna Levushkina who is an 89-year-old surgeon! She is a sheer example of how one can achieve all that they want if they dream right.


She Works At?

She is currently working at the Ryazan City Hospital, Moscow. She is a surgeon based in Russia. The hospital is named after the city of Ryazan.


Getting Ready For Surgery

She is present in the hospital almost every single day and gets ready to get through the same pre-surgery preparations. She ensures that her patients get the best and safest possible care at her hands. Isn't that sweet?

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She Is A Hard-worker

She apparently has been a surgeon for 67 long years of her life! When asked about her plans of retirement, she said, "no plans to retire in the near or distant future."


Still Does 4 Operations Every Single Day!

She does 4 surgeries on an average every single day! Reports estimate that she's completed over 10,000 operations during the course of her surgical career! Now that is a record, we must say!


Her Sweetest Reply…

When she was asked about her work, she most humbly replied, "Who else will do the work? If I stopped working, who is going to perform the surgeries?"


Apart From Surgeries She Does This…

Apart from surgeries, she apparently takes care of her nephew who is physically disabled and she takes care of her cats as well.

We wish her good-luck and if you found her story to be truly inspiring, let us know by commenting below. For more updates on true inspirational stories, watch out for this space.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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