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Disturbing Fact: Lizard Found In Man's Ear & Its Tail Is Missing!

Animals find some of the weirdest places to make homes. They are constantly seen exploring places to stay safe, all thanks to humans who have made the world a concrete jungle.

On the other side, humans are also paying a heavy price for this as there are many cases of insects finding their homes in the warm opening of humans like the nostril and the ear canals!

This sounds disturbing, right? But the fact is, off late there have been many reports of creepy things finding their hiding spots in these places.

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Check out the case of a man who had a squirming lizard found in his ear while its tail was missing.

The pictures of the freakish gecko that was removed from the man's ear have hit the Internet and are making people very uncomfortable.


It Happened In China…

This bizarre incident happened in China where a man woke up from his sleep when he started experiencing sharp pain in his ear. The pain was unbearable and we bet the reason for it to be so painful can be imagined...


He Got The Shock Of His Life…

When he visited the doctor, he got the shock of his life when a lizard was found in his ear. Apparently, the lizard was squirming in his ear that was causing headache, earache and irritation to the poor man.


The Lizard Had To Be Given Anaesthesia Before Removing It!

Since the lizard was live, the doctors had to give anaesthesia to the lizard, before they pulled it out. Though the procedure was just of 5 minutes, it was quite a tedious one as there was a lot of risk involved with it.

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The Most Haunting Part…

The most haunting part is that the doctors could not find the lizard's tail during the extraction process and are hoping that the lizard was tail-less when it entered the ear. We wish too...

Check The Video…

Check the video and let us know, if you would wish to read such creepy stuff more...

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 11:10 [IST]
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