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Your Subconscious Fear Revealed Through A Picture

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There are so many numerous tricks and methods that can help one understand the personality traits of a person. These mind games help us understand about the things that we have not been aware of.

Subconscious Fear Revealed Through A Picture

Here, we bring to you a quick brain test that can help you understand about what is important in your life and your priorities will be based on it.

Can You Find the Disturbing Detail In This Pic?

Look at the image and decide for yourself...


If You Have Seen A Caterpillar First, Then…

According to the research done, it states that seeing a caterpillar first can have a subconscious fear of spirits or ghosts in your mind. Apart from this, you may also have a fear of paralysis and may have experienced that before. You may also fear of falling asleep after a scary movie, more than usual.


If You Saw A Butterfly First, Then…

Seeing a butterfly can be a subconscious fear of betrayal. You are that person who generally gets crossed more times than what you would have liked. In simpler words, you may have been cheated on or even back-stabbed by a friend. You might hide this weakness well but sometimes, it may not always work.

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If You Saw A Knife First, Then…

Seeing a knife first could mean that you have a subconscious fear of terminal illness. Your fear of terminal illness unknowingly can be related to something that you would have experienced or seen a closed one experiencing. You may also worry about dying at any moment.


If You See An Apple First, Then…

This is an interesting one. It reveals that in your subconscious mind you fear about death. This one is not about your own death, but of someone who is very close to you. This may have happened after you lost someone close to you. Hence, it means you cannot handle losing someone close.

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