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    Disturbing Video! Employees Slapped & Made To Crawl In Appraisal Meeting

    People wait for the entire year to get an appraisal and get the bonus that they have been wanting.

    While there are those who get the best appraisals and even those who would hardly get anything, this is the most awaited time for any working individual, which would help boost his/her moral at work. But, what if the appraisal turns nasty and an employee is made to feel like he/she deserves nothing?

    employees slapped

    Here, in this article, we are sharing a disturbing video from China, where the employees were slapped and even made to crawl like a dog on the office floor! Can you believe that?!

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    Check out the details of this bizarre incident, which has created chaos on the internet, as people are fuming for the treatment given to these poor employees!

    Check it out...

    The Incident Happened In China

    Apparently, the video was shot during an appraisal meeting in a company in China's central Hubei province. In the video, the employees were abused because they had a poor work record.

    The Employees Revealed

    When the employees were contacted to know the details of the incident, they seemed to be tight-lipped about the incident and some of the employees working for the firm said that the video was apparently "misunderstood", as all the employees enjoyed working there.

    The Video

    In the video, the female manager is seen slapping the employees standing in a row and she is seen going to and fro while slapping each man thrice. The video clipping also showed the men crawling like dogs in a circle, while a man was seen standing in the centre.

    What Happened To The Woman Who Slapped The Men?

    The woman who was seen in the video is believed to have apparently been hesitant to punish the employees in this bizarre manner, but it was the employees who requested her to slap them due to their bad performance. However, the woman who had tears in her eyes while carrying out the punishment left her job after the incident.

    Similar Incidents Have Happened In The Past As Well

    Though the outrage that sparked after the video went viral, it only makes us realise that this is not the first incident to have happened when the employees have been mistreated. Earlier too, a similar video was shared online 2 years back when the employees in Baishan in Jilin province were seen crawling on all fours in public after not meeting their sales targets!

    So, what's your take on this story? Do you think it's right to treat employees in such a manner?

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    Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2018, 11:39 [IST]
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