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    You Should Never Lend Or Borrow These Things

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    People pass on things very easily! Besides the feeling of love you show by lending things to others, there are many factors which can affect the energies of the body as it affects your and the borrower's destiny.

    We might borrow things like pen, watches and handkerchief and even keep them with ourselves without knowing there are some secret energies which may affect your destiny.

    why you should never lend or borrow these things

    For example, legends never share their books with others because it is said that sharing books can take away the knowledge from you.

    The same case is with ghungoroos. Dancers never lend their ghungoroos to other dances as they believe lending it can pass on the aura and vibes to others.

    Borrowing or lending things unknowingly can attract bad luck for a person and hence here we are mentioning before you a few things you should avoid sharing with people! It is most likely to give you health issues, financial instability and many other problems.



    According to various superstitions, it is believed that you should never borrow a pen or lend it to someone. Myths related to pen borrowing say that borrowing and keeping someone else's pen can bring financial instability. This is an age-old myth which is followed since many years. It is also said that pen reflects your good weapon for good karma. So when you are donating or lending your pen to someone else, it simply means you are also sharing your karma with the borrower.



    Myths and superstition say that you should not wear someone else's watch! Wearing someone else's watch might affect your professional life and might also lead to financial loss. So, if you want to live a stable and wealthy life, you should stop lending or borrowing watches from others.


    Wedding Money

    If you want to arrange a lavish and luxurious wedding at home, you should always arrange money by yourself. You should never borrow or lend money for the wedding as it is considered evil to start a married life with financial debt. So, it is always good to have a good bank balance or cut down on your expenses to prevent debt problems.


    Never Borrow Money For Purchasing Engagement Ring

    Love has no price tags and you should understand this! You should never borrow money for purchasing engagement ring as it is not good to purchase the ring with borrowed money. Your girl friend will marry you even if the engagement ring does not cost lakhs or crores! It's just the matter of love and not price. You surely don't want to pay for your engagement ring for the next 5 years.



    Books are a carrier of knowledge and wisdom! You should never borrow or lend books to someone which are used by you in order to enhance knowledge and wisdom. If your friend asks for the same book, you can buy him a new one but never share or donate things which you use for your own knowledge. Donating books is a strong indication that your knowledge and wisdom will be taken by others.


    Used Clothes

    If you have a habit or wearing other's clothes or borrowing clothes from your close friends and relatives than you should be a bit careful. According to the myths, it is said that you should avoid borrowing clothes from others as it can not only bring you bad luck but it is said that it can bring negative vibes to you. Astrology has said that clothes are related to Shukra and wearing someone else's clothes can weaken your planet.

    You should strictly avoid lending or borrow someone else's handkerchief as it may indicate giving away someone else's wealth and destiny. Even if you want to give your handkerchief to someone, you can clean it and give a fresh one. It is always good to give someone a new handkerchief.

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 14:15 [IST]
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