Vote For Kushal And Help Him Win Cutest Vegetarian Next Door

By: Shubham Ghosh

At an age when people can't even think without non-vegetarian diet, let alone giving it up, Kushal Hebbar, a young Bengalurean, has made it to the finals of the Peta's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India's Cutest Vegetarian Next Door contest.

A final-year student of computer science engineering at BNM Institute of Technology, Kushal will take on nine other male competitors to win the contest, which was open to all non-celebrity Indian residents. The female section also has 10 contestants. Two champs, one from either section, will be declared on November 2.

peta vegetarian contest

The winners of the Cutest Vegetarian Next Door contest will receive a trophy, sash, certificate, a vegetarian starter kit and "Glass Walls" DVD besides featuring on Peta India's website.

The Peta judges took three factors while picking Kushal -- contestant's commitment to protecting of animals, their physical features and the reason why they chose to be vegetarian. That Kushal is deeply dedicated to animals was understood when he said that he is not in favour of eating non-vegetarian just because of taste.

peta vegetarian contest

Peta, which promotes vegetarianism to save animals from undergoing horror, stresses that vegetarians are healthier than those who eat meat. Moreover, according to it, non-vegetarian diet not only makes people vulnerable to various diseases but also cultivating of animal food poses threat to the environment.

It is now up to us to see the young Kushal from Bengaluru win the top honour to make his city and the entire country proud. As Bengalureans, we think Kushal really deserves to win this one.

Voting will continue till 5.30 pm on October 28, 2016 (Friday). To help Kushal win this contest, click on

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