How To Blow Him Out With Just Your Mouth

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There are many interesting things that a couple can do while making love. Keeping things interesting does make the session more steamy and intense.

There are a few rules that a woman can follow to make her partner lose his mind over her while in bed!

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Check out on some of the best seducing tips that a woman can try on her man or vise versa. These are the tricks that can make a man go weak in his knees while he enjoys the attention that he would be receiving.

Find out more about these interesting tips, as it can help in establishing a better bond with your partner.


Kiss Him Like You Mean It

A perfect kiss is all that is needed to set the mood right. All that the person needs to do is suck and bite on their partner's lips, or make the tongue jive with theirs and tease them with feather-light kisses! The intensity should be such that the partner would beg for more!


Do Not Forget The Earlobe!

A gentle bite on the earlobe is all that is needed to turn on your partner. Slight kisses and gentle bites on the neck and shoulder blade are most welcome!


Nibbling Of The Jaw!

A surprised gentle suck or a bite on the partner's jaw makes them react instantly, as it would not have been expected by them at that very given moment. Researchers claim that the jawline is one of the least explored erogenous zones for both sexes.

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Make Love To The Fingers

Kiss your partner on the top of his fingers. Kissing them on the nerve endings of the fingers shoots up bolts of pleasure in their body. To make things more steamy, one can put their partner's thumb in the mouth and suck on it like you would while having an oral session.


Teasing Kisses

Sometimes, teasing kisses does all the magic. Brush your lips against your partner's and see the fire ignite in them. It works much better than a passionate kiss.


Talk Dirty

What better than having dirty talks with your partner during any serious discussion, right? It would surely help in making things steamy!

Do you have any more tips that can be added to the list? Then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 12:11 [IST]
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