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    He Is So Handsome That He Is Being Deported!

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    In a historic win, recently, Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on women driving vehicle in the country. A week ago, news stated that the King of Saudi Arabia has ended its long-standing ban on women driving vehicle. It was honestly one among the best news for all the female citizens of the country.

    This Girl Was Declared To Be The Most Beautiful Girl!

    This was not the first time when Saudi Arabia came into news. Several shocking and bizarre rules from SA manage to keep the country constantly in headlines. Earlier, there was news that the Middle Eastern country decided to deport three handsome men from the nation because they may tempt Saudi Arabian women.

    At the same time, they thought they were too handsome to be handled by anyone else as well. One among the hunk who was instructed to march out is Omar Borkan Al Gala.


    He Is Omar Borkan Al Gala!

    Here, we introduce you to the most handsome man of Saudi Arabia, Omar Borkan Al Gala. According to the reports, Omar was deported from Saudi Arabia, as he was declared to be "too handsome" for the country. With mesmerizing eyes, perfect cheekbones and well-groomed appearance, it was quite obvious to know why Saudi Arabian officials declared this man to be the most handsome of all.


    Apart From Being Handsome, He Is Also...

    Omar Borkan describes himself as a poet, photographer and an aspiring actor from Dubai. The authorities who decided to deport Omar said that he is a really, really, ridiculously good-looking person. Al Gala was happy to become an overnight sensation when the world was convinced, he is one among the handsome and sexiest man alive!


    He Was Removed From By The Religious Police

    According to the reports published, Omar Borkan, along with two other men, was removed from the festival of Riyadh by a religious police. What was their fault? The Saudi Arabian officials said they were too handsome for the country!


    According To The Rules

    According to the religious police, there are strict governing rules introduced for the interaction between men and women in the Islamic Kingdom. After evicting them, the police deported the trio back to Abu Dhabi, so that Saudi Arabian women do not observe them and fall in love.


    His Social Life

    We later stumbled upon the social media of Omar to check out his photo! In most of the photos, you'll find Omar wearing dark eyeliner, blowing out smoke and posing decently for candid pictures. Although it was confirmed that Omar was one among the men deported from Dubai, he took on to Facebook the same day and wrote, 'The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides'.

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    The Authorities Revealed...

    Later, UAE officials also released a statement mentioning about their concern with unmarried Saudi Arabian women artist at the religious festival of Riyadh. In order to keep the situation in control and follow their rule, they decided to deport Oman.


    The Rules...

    When it comes to the rules of the UAE, they are very strict with their communication policy. Saudi Arabian women are not allowed to talk to men to whom they are not related to. They are extremely conservative when it comes to the liberty of their female citizens.


    What Is Your Take On This?

    Do you think he is ridiculously handsome to corrupt the emotions of unmarried female citizens of Saudi Arabia? It is really good to deport a man just because he is too handsome for the country? Is Oman dangerously sexy for all the females out there? Let us a comment below.

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