Grossest Things That Women Have Done During Periods

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When women are down with periods, they are often found to be grumpy and low. Hanging out with friends is the last thing they wish to do during these days. Here, we have listed some of the weird things that women have done during periods.

There are certain things that women do during periods and we bet they are a little gross to be discussed! These are the things that most girls do and even share the minute details about the same with their girlie gangs!

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So, check out for some of these interesting yet gross stuff that women have been guilty of doing while on their periods.

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Stare At The Toilet To Check For Blood Stains!

Yes, this sure sounds gross; however, some women have accepted to doing this! Women don't want to leave a mess behind while on periods and that is the reason why some of them stare at the toilet to check.


Gaze At The Bloodied Hands!

If there is any blood stain that you have touched accidentally, it makes you feel like you have made a ritual sacrifice! Gazing at the hands once stained is also one of the grossest things women have admitted to do.


Stare At The Blood Clots & Wonder If Its The Egg!

Women sometimes look at blood clots and feel for the loss of eggs. It can be a very gross situation to be in, given the pain and uncomfortable issues that come along with it.


Snuck The Pad Under Sleeve!

Girls hate to carry their pads to the washroom. Instead, they snuck it up under their sleeves to avoid all the unwanted attention! Or sliding it in books is also one of the gross things women do.


Proudly Watch The Menses Flow Down While Taking A Shower!

Some women watch their menses flow down while they are taking a shower, as it gives them the feel of killing their mortal enemy!


Send Pictures Of Gross-y Menstrual Cups To Friends!

As disgusting as it sounds, some women love to brag about their menstrual flow and share pictures of it with their friends! They would even like to brag about the new products they have been using while on periods.

At the end rush to the bathroom this way!

Grossest Things Women Do During Periods
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