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WTF Gross Facts That Will Freak You Out!!

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When we hear the word "facts", we rely on the truth behind these facts. Certain facts can freak you out, especially when you get to know that these are actually true.

In this article, we've shared a list of some of the facts that will totally gross you out. These are the facts that are 100% true, and we're sure, they will make you sick once you find about them.

So, just to be on a safer side, sit yourself down and do not eat anything while you read about these. We're sure some of the facts listed here will blow your mind off and make you go "eww"!!

So, continue reading the article to find out more about these WTF facts that can gross you out! Read on.


Fact #1

If you fart for 6 years and 9 months consistently, then you can produce enough gas to create the energy of an atomic bomb. Okay, now this is a little too much to digest.


Fact #2

Astronauts are not allowed to consume beans before they go into space, as gas-causing foods should be completely avoided to not damage the space suit and cause further harm.


Fact #3

An average person burps at least 15 times in a day. This is comparatively a little more than they fart. This is another way of breaking the wind.


Fact #4

Did you know that an average person spends at least 3-4 years sitting on a toilet seat? Well, it is a fact. (We're not counting the extra hours you spend though!!)


Fact #5

Researchers have proved that a man who smokes a pack of 10 cigarettes per day is said to lose 2 teeth in a span of 10 years. Now, here's another reason to kick that butt!!


Fact #6

Did you know that cockroaches fart for at least 18 hours even after they die! Studies reveal that they break the air every 15 minutes.


Fact #7

Some of the hairband companies in China are believed to use "used condoms" to make hairbands!! Okay, ladies, make sure you wash your hairbands thoroughly, the next time, before you use your teeth to widen the band!

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