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‘Ghost’ Caught On Camera; Haunting Images From A High School

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There are so many videos that you would have come across on the net and most of these videos seem to have special graphics, which people get fooled with and on the other end, there are those videos too that give us real goosebumps!

This is a real story of a school, where a ghost activity was caught on camera and, initially, the principle of the school assumed that it was just a hoax, but he was eventually convinced when he saw the same kind of incident occur in the same month again.

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Check out this bizarre ghost activity caught in the school's cctv on two different occasions.


The First Activity…

The school named Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland, appears to have caught ghostly activity at around 3 AM. The entire episode was captured on one of its security camera.


In The Footage

In the footage one can clearly see the ghost activity, where the lockers shake and papers fly, and even the doors slam. A plastic sign was also seen to flop over the floor and all these activities were captured on the camera.


The Principle Examined The Clip

The scary video clip was shared with the principal and he was pretty floored by what he saw. He was not 100% convinced that it was a ghost activity and instead said, "If it is a prank, it's very well done."

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The History Of The School

The principle revealed, "In the 19th century, criminals were hanged here. We only found that out on Monday. The pub nearby is actually called the Gallows."

The Video

The video shows on how the activity had taken place. We bet, this is something that will scare you to bits.


The Ghost Striked The Second Time!

When the school was assuming this to be a prank that was executed well, another video cropped up, where the ghost activity was caught again on the camera!


In The Second Video…

The second video was captured by the school's security cameras at 5:30 AM. In this video, it showed a disturbing activity. The video clipping was that of a chair that was mysteriously moving down the hall, and the school bags were seen jumping from cubbies. At a point, even the posters were seen flying off the walls!


The Principle Revealed

After the second incident, the principle of the school revealed that they would not rule out the fact that the 200-year-old school can be haunted. He further added that there has been a history of similarly odd and unexplainable events at the school that have happened, over the years, in the past.

The Second Incident Video…

Watch the video and decide for yourself, if this can be real or just a prank! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 10:21 [IST]
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