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Everyone Thought She Was Pregnant But That Was Not The Case

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This is one of the most saddest thing that you would see on the Internet today as it is a case of a woman who seems to be pregnant but is not as she is suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Check out as what happened to her and why is she in this bizarre condition!

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Anything that you overdo is dangerous and not good. Consuming alcohol in a certain quantity is said to be good but what happens when you over drink?

Turning alcoholic does not take much time as the person does not realise as they drink until they get high and out of control and this is what happened in her case.

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Meet Jo…

At first glance, when you look at Jo she looks like any woman who is pregnant, but as looks say things are not what it seems to be!


She Is Not Pregnant!

She is a 35-year old woman and her weird body structure is not due to her pregnancy but due to a medical condition known as liver cirrhosis.


How Did It Happen?

She was apparently working as a bartender and she would easily chug down 3 bottles of wine every night before she slept.


Her Condition Is Worse

Doctors claim that the only hope she can have for her survival are with a liver transplant, but yet they are not sure about her survival as it does not seem to be an easy task.


She Hopes To Recover

With the pain and agony that she is undergoing with the hospital visits, she wants to start her life afresh and lead a clean life. We really hope she does!

Video Link

Check out the video as it is describes about her condition.

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