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She Did Not Have A Nose, Yet Found The Love Of Her Life

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This story is a clear example of love not being only about physical appearance. It is all about the connection and the purity of heart.

Meet the girl who lost her nose when she was barely 29 days old. She is a confident young woman and even has married the man whom she met on a social site!

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This is the story of the newly married couple named Lin Zhouqiang (23) and his wife Xu Qinqin who fell in love with each other after they came across each other on the internet; and it was love at first sight and Xu's missing nose was never a barrier in their relationship!

Find out more about this unique couple...


Xu Was Barely A Month Old When This Tragedy Struck!

She was hardly a month old when her mother put her in a basket in the bedroom before heading to work in the fields. Her eldest daughter rushed to her workplace to inform her that a rat has bitten off Xu's nose!


She Was Constantly Bullied

She was constantly bullied by her classmates and was forced to even leave the school at grade 6. She got her first job when she was hardly 17. Even there she was constantly bullied by her coworkers.


She Got Married At The Age Of 18

She got married at the age of 18 and her husband was 8 years elder to her. But, it was not a happy wedding, as the couple filed for divorced in 2 years. He and his family would always torture her for her looks.


She Chose To Rise Up Despite All Odds!

She was heart-broken and rejected, hence decided to cut off all the contacts with the outside world. The only link she had to the world was through the internet.

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She Met Lin On A Social Media Site

It was on a social messaging platform where she met Lin. She was not sure of her looks, so hid her face while chatting. But she felt he needs to know what was wrong with her face, and she admitted to him that she doesn't have a nose; however, Lin was already impressed by the optimistic, kind and happy nature of hers.


They Fell In Love

He was in love with her and the couple got married one month later after meeting for the first time.


It Was Tough For Him To Convince His Family

Lin being the only son in his family, had a really hard time convincing his parents and he was well-prepared to being ridiculed and criticised throughout his life about his wife's look.

However, he was a man who would not budge! Hence, he decided to marry her with all his heart and soul.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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