WHAT?? A Turtle Consumed 915 Coins Thinking It To Be Food!!

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As the human population has been invading the wild, it has hampered the wildlife to a great extent. From cutting of trees in the forests to oil spilling in oceans, many animals have become extinct due to this.

Here is a case of a turtle who consumed 915 coins and thought it to be its food! Check out this disturbing story on how we, the humans, are spoiling Mother Nature, either knowing or unknowingly.

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This poor turtle named "Om Sin" had been suffering since quite sometime, as the doctors claimed that the coins have been consumed over a period of time.

Check out this tragic story...


She Was Unable To Move…

Om Sin, the turtle, was suffering from the pain silently for quite sometime. The caretakers took her for an examination, as she did not seem to be very active and something seemed to disturb her often.


She Was Examined…

She was examined and checked for her unusual behaviour. An immediate operation was performed on her at the Chulalongkorn University of Veterinary Science.


It Was A 7-hour Long Surgery…

The coins almost weighed around five kg and were in her stomach for a long time, until the surgeons performed the seven-hour-long operation.


She Could Barely Swim…

The weight of the coins had caused large cracks on the skin of turtle's stomach. The observers had noticed that the turtle could barely move or swim.

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Where Did So Many Coins Arrive From?

According to a popular Thai belief, it is considered to be good luck when one would toss a coin in a turtle pond. So, the turtle assumed the coins to be food and consumed the same.


The Surgery Was Successful

The surgery was successful, as all the coins were removed from the turtle's stomach. The doctors claimed that they had not encountered a case like this before.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 14:54 [IST]
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