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Unique Restaurants That You Should Check

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When it is all about relishing food, you would think about the taste, hygiene and the ambiance of the place before going in.

We do not wish to compromise on any of these factors and would also require the food to be served at the earliest and at its best.

But, what if the restaurant serves you with something quite contrary? Hmmmm...Sounds like a unique experience!

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of the unique restaurants that you should check out.

The listed restaurants have a very out-of-the-world shade to them, as they're known for serving people something that is totally wacky.

From flying drones to poop-flavoured food, you can see everything bizarre and crazy that is served in these restaurants.

Find out more about these interesting restaurants and we're sure you would definitely want to visit them during your next trip. Read on to know more.


Luxury Restaurant In A College Dorm Room

A student from Columbia University in New York found a unique dining place in his dorm room, which can accommodate four people on a single table. With his unique cooking skills, his restaurant became quite popular and it has online booking reservations as well.

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First Clothing-Optional Restaurant

This restaurant is so popular even before it has started functioning. It is currently going to have a grand opening in June 2016. This restaurant earned fame when it revealed that the customers are free to shed their clothes and relish their food. There are two sections of the restaurant that are divided into clothed and unclothed sections.
NOTE: Cameras are not allowed here.

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Stuffed Animals Restaurant

A restaurant in Tokyo serves sweets, adventure and luxury experiences exclusively to stuffed animals and this is no joke! The customers are supposed to pre-book their dining date to the staff, who in return treat the stuffed toys with 14 different experiences and the customer gets to go home with a souvenir and a photo album to cherish their memories. Crazy isn't it?

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Tim Burton Inspired Restaurant & Bar

This quirky restaurant is totally dedicated to all the things related to Tim Burton in NYC. The food menu features delicacies as "Beetle Bread", "Burger Hands" and many more such interesting things. Reservations can be made through their website.

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Poop-flavoured Food

Seriously? Yeah that's the expression you would get after reading the headline. Well, this is not exactly the poop that is served, instead it is a mix of green tea, bitter gourd and cocoa powder, which gives the exact taste and looks of a human faeces.
Here's a little piece of info: This was created by chef Ken Shimizu who apparently made it big by eating poop in porn movies.

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Breaking Bad–Themed German Restaurant

The decor is based on the TV show "Breaking Bad". The restaurant gained its popularity and instantly got a rating of 4.6 from 5. The name of the restaurant might give you the idea that it is in Germany, well it is located in Brisbane, Australia.

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Flying Drones

A restaurant in Singapore gained fame when it launched flying drones to serve drinks to the customers. Though this is just an act, these drones will not be taking over the human service. Instead, they just get the drink to a point from the kitchen from where the waiters take the drinks to serve the customers.

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