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Problems A Man Faces When He Lives With A Woman

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Living with your partner is the most amazing thing in this world. But, it does have its own pros and cons. Here we bring to you some of the most common problems that men face when they live with women.

Things Men Face While Living With Women

These are the things that happen in every household. Though initially men find this to be the most irritating thing, you would find them to adjust and accept their partner for what they are.

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Whoever said that men are really messy, must not have seen or met girls, as we women too are quite messy and simply love being that way!

From throwing away clothes in a corner or spreading them across on the bed to arguing at length, some of these things are what men must start living with when they live with a woman.

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Find out about the most irritating habits that most of the women do have and about the things that happen when a man starts living with a woman.


Hair All Over...

You would find hair strands in the most unexpected of places! Yeah, really. Be it the toilet seat or the slice of pizza kept in the corner of the room, you would find them in any of these places.


Innerwear That Covers Your Space...

Unlike men, women have many sets of innerwears, so you would find yourself to be covered in them too. So dear men, forget that you would find some place for yourself, as we women love throwing our stuff around.


Hairclips That Can Be Found In The Most Unexpected Places

Do not be shocked, if a hairpin pokes you when you sit on it accidentally. Spreading hairpins and clips across the room is a way of marking our territory!


Cosmetics And Only Cosmetics!

Oh, Lord! Do not be shocked on seeing a woman's makeup kit. Because apart from dressing up for you, women love to dress up for themselves too, which is most important!


That Over-Flowing Wardrobe!

No matter how many clothes women have, they would still crave for some more. Their wardrobes are full mostly and soon you would find your lady's clothes occupy your part of the wardrobe space too!


Nail Paint Or Lipstick Stains All Over

No doubt women love cuddling their partners and while doing so, one would find many stains of freshly applied nail paints or lipstick marks, which are really tough to remove!


Dozens Of Footwear!

If a man is living with a woman, he should remember that clothes and shoes are the biggest weaknesses of women and the house would be stacked up with the latest designs. So, there's no point in fretting, dear men.

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