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Things Every Youngster Is Tired Of Hearing

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With new technologies being invented every day, it has become quite easy for one to stay in touch with their families and friends. All thanks to this technology that distance does not matter anymore.

Since all kids tend to grasp and learn things easily, there are our elders who try to catch up with the technology. It is something that we all as youngsters need to appreciate.

But, adding relatives on to our social sites can be quite embarrassing, as they would tag you in some of the most awkward childhood memories or comments on something that you wish your friends never knew.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most irritating things that every teen or youngster is tired of hearing from these relatives.

We're sure all of us have heard these dialogues from our elders before at some point or the other. So, find out about the most irritating things that relatives ask youngsters every single time.

What Is Your Salary?
This is one of the most irritating questions that one can ask! We wonder what benefit they would gain after hearing about our salary!

When Are You Getting Married?
This is the most common question you get to hear when you start to work. Every single time you meet any of the elders at a function or a wedding, this is the question they'll most likely ask.

Things Every Youngster Is Tired Of Hearing

When Is Your Hike?
This is a question that is mostly asked by uncles who have already worked and they know how the system works, but they feel the need to ask you this every time!

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You Look Healthy, What Have You Been Eating?
Be it your weight loss, weight gain or no damn change at all, these guys will definitely ask you these dumb questions just to have some chitchat with you.

How Much Money Have You Saved?
Seriously? Gimme a break! I'm only in my 20s. You think I need to save my money this early?

How Much Money Have You Saved?
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What Are Your Plans For The Future?
When we start to work, our idea would only be to stablilise in the field that we've opted to work. Don't people really get that it is too soon for us to decide on anything!!  

Who Was The Guy/Girl In That Pic You Are Tagged In?
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Who Was The Guy/Girl In That Pic You Are Tagged In?
Okay, now it is time that you block these guys on your social sites!

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