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Weird Photos That Shouldn’t Be Online

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For every single minute, there are millions of pictures that people share online. Some of these images are personal ones and some are images which are really for pure entertainment purpose. These hilarious photos you find on social media can really make your day.

There are a few images out there on social sites which can make you think as to why these photos should be online, as these just don't require to be posted online.

Some of these pictures are so funny that they can tickle your funny bones, while there are those that can make you say WTH!!! real loud, and yeah we mean it.

Check these funny images that have gone viral, and it does not take time to spread like wild fire, as these are the images that should not be online for any damn reason!

Check it out to LOL!!


Grandpa’s Playful

Oh, girl!! The Grandpa's still young at heart no doubt, but we still wonder was it really required for you to post this picture online?


Gangsta Much!!

We wonder if this guy was even able to walk a few inches after this very attire of his! After seeing this, we can only hope that this is just for the sake of a photo and it does not become the new gangster style!


Mom and Ex

Was he thinking of taking revenge from his ex-girlfriend or did he just fall in love with his ex's mom? We're still thinking why? Hmm..just why did he marry his ex's mother????


The Cemetery Photo

This is a sheer example that you should not sleep with makeup on! The conversation does reveal what people think of such a picture! This has gotta be one of the most hilarious pictures on social media!


During The Bombing

We wonder if these girls thought they were dying and wanted to click last minute selfies of their lives. But don't you think keeping a duck face during a real bomb threat is actually really weird? We leave you guys to judge this one.


Brother Love

Gawwdddd!!! How can one post such a picture of kissing their own brother?? My eyes are bleeding after seeing their "not-so-personal love"!!


Ninja Masks!!

Okay, this guy was either proud of his girl's panty or just wants to have a wild fascination. Hope the status he'd put does not actually mean that he really thought it to be a Ninja Mask!!

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