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7 Most Annoying Desi Selfies That Shouldn't Have Been Clicked

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The latest trend that everyone is following around is the crazy selfie mania. One can see at least one person clicking a selfie about any random thing they are up to.

This is an easy way of connecting with friends online and sharing your latest updates. Since every detail is being shared with your friends all the time, it is not safe as the entire world need not know what you are up to.

Here in this article, we are about to share some of the most annoying selfies ever that people have clicked. These are the images that have gone viral due to the content in it.

Find out more about these interesting desi selfies that should not have been clicked at all. Check them out...


Selfie 1

This guy was caught by the traffic police for breaking a law. Check him out; he is all excited to pay his first challan and wants to share his happiness with the world!


Selfie 2

This selfie was all over the social sites when this man took a selfie with his dead uncle. We wonder if he was trying to click a last pic with his dead uncle or if it was for fun.


Selfie 3

Though there are a few people who are shocked by seeing the previous image, people are trying to be trend-setters by clicking such pictures. Anyways, may the dead man's soul rest in peace!


Selfie 4

Ohh Girl!! Why did she even opt to click a picture there. Pity her as anybody would be disgusted after seeing the background of her picture.


Selfie 5

This is a sheer example of how well people can help the accident victims! This boy does not care about the people who were stuck underneath the lorry, but yes he needs likes on his social sites which may be more important!!


Selfie 6

This is quite an embarrassing one, and the most irritating one as well! We are still wondering why on earth is he asking his own selfie?? Get a life dude!!


Selfie 7

Dear uncle is still new to the concept of selfies and hence does not know the difference between a selfie and a passport picture. Though it is funny, it is cute as we all know people who would do this!

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 15:45 [IST]
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