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    10 Things All Teens Have Grown Up Hearing & Are Seriously Sick Of It!

    By Nidhhi Gandhi

    Being a teen is the most difficult task. You will see so many people expecting so many things from you and your age group or even asking you about certain things constantly.

    So, when you fall in that age group of being called a teen, many things change, starting from the books you read, to the people you hang out with and the movies you love. Everything changes!

    There is a huge difference between giving an advice and simply judging someone. Sometimes, when the elders talk, we get tired of listening to the same old thing over and over again.

    All teens are aware of the bothersome things adults tell us on a daily basis. Be it the questions about our appearance, college, the music we listen to, or the friend we make.

    We understand their idea at times, but criticizing on the looks, tastes and everything else is not a great thing to hear about. So, here is a list of a few things that older people simply need to stop saying to teens already.


    “When I was your age”

    Dad is this your favourite one? Come on, now I do not even remember how many times I have heard this story about how difficult it was for you as a teen. I can only say that you are a real warrior who struggled so much and came through. Bravo!


    “You belong to such a lazy and spoiled generation”

    Wrong. We are not lazy. We have access to the latest technology that was not there in your time and you are really jealous of it. We actually appreciate technology because of which we can do everything and anything much faster.

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    “You are too young to fall in love”

    But try to understand that the feeling I have for my crush is true. I am very sure about it. Mom, there is no age or time to fall in love. Such a beautiful feeling it is.


    “This is the best time of your life”

    Seriously? Yes, such a stressful life I am having. Finals, three papers due this week, I want to buy myself a PS4, but I cannot. Life is awesome really.


    “When you will grow up, you will get to know what is important”

    The best speech that I get to hear again and again. Right now a few things are important to me. After 10 years, a few other things will be important then. Does that really mean that what I care about now does not matter?


    “I have been through it, so I know what you are going through”

    Tell me one thing. What is your age? 50, right? I am 16. Trust me, you have no idea about what I am going through.


    “Stop playing on your phone all day”

    Wish I could let you know that I am not playing, I am just waiting for my new crush to reply back to my text messages.

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    “You are lucky that you are a teen, and you have no worries”

    Wait. What did you just say? We have no worries? Like really? If so, then you do not know how worried we become about our final examination, studying, getting into a good college and passing the graduation with a good percentage. This is the real struggle. Meeting your expectations which are higher than sky and you say we are lucky!


    “You would not understand, you are too young”

    Being young does not mean that I do not understand anything. Sometimes, we can give you the ultimate solution to your problem. So, stop underestimating us.


    “Have you been hanging out with that boy?”

    Who is that kid? I have heard about this kid from someone. He is a stoner, I guess. No mom, no, he is not. He is just another kid. A normal person, a friend of mine and he has no bad influence on me. Stop being so insecure every time you see me with a new kid.

    But yes, we teens are really thankful to you all, because even if you do not understand us, you are still there for us. And for that we are ever grateful.

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