Shocking!! 16-Year-Old Mother Threw Her Newborn From 2nd Floor!

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Every day we hear stories of young girls getting pregnant. From stories of many abortions to girls taking various pills that are easily available in the market, the teens do not get think twice before exploring their sexual life.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the story of a 16-year-old girl who threw her newborn after just giving birth to it!

This case is a sheer example of how parenting the kid with right things about the most sensual topic "SEX", is quite important.

Find out what happened to the girl after she threw her baby from the 2nd floor window after she panicked.
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What Happened?

According to the reports, the girl went in shock when she saw her newborn and threw the baby in a state of shock from her room window!


Claimed It Was An Accident...

She claimed that she did not do anything on purpose. It was by accident and in a state of shock that she ended up doing this act.


The Fate Of The Baby...

The poor little baby was thrown from the 2nd floor and succummbed to the injuries.


The Girl's Mother Did CRP

The girl ran down to her mum to confess what she just did. By the time the mother could revive the newborn with a CRP, the baby had died.


Finally, The 16-Year-Old Was Charged...

The police charged her as an adult for this cold-blooded murder, as this was something that was just unexpected for a girl of her age to do, something as inhuman as this!

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