The Doctor Who Danced During Surgery!

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Going under the knife and getting operated is such a big thing in itself and if a surgeon plays around at the operation bed, then imagine what could happen??

If you're confused with what we're discussing, then this is the case of a surgeon and a nurse who danced during a surgery! Yes, as absurd as it sounds, we have proof and you can check the video.

No doubt we all love our work, but we're wondering is it appropriate for a surgeon or a nurse to dance during a surgery, like something as serious as that? Well, we do not agree with this!

Apparently, this video of the surgeon and his nurse dancing to pop music and then continuing the surgery, like nothing just happened, is gaining a lot of attention on the social sites.

Find out more about what happened to them after their video went viral...


It Was A Leaked Video...

Apparently, the video was leaked by a person who had enough of the surgeon "damaging women". He claimed to have more such videos of the same doctor.

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The Councilor Released The Video On Social Media...

Bernardo Alejandro Guerra, who is a councilor in the city of Medellin in north-western Colombia released the video on social media and wants an action to be taken on such freakish people.

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A Patient Recognised Him...

One of his female patients who underwent a tummy tuck and a breast job recognised him in the video. Apparently, the surgery went wrong three days later.

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They Broke The Protocol...

Though the doctor and the nurse claimed that the video was just a spoof, the councilor was in no mood to listen to them, as they have broken the protocol of respecting the patient lying on bed. This is against medical practice!!

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People Are Amused...

With stern actions being taken against the doctor and nurse, there are mixed reactions of people who are confused as to why he is targeted, since he seems to be enjoying his work, while a few feel that it is totally inappropriate to take things that lightly at a surgery table.

So, have a look at the crazy video and decide for yourself, what is right and what is NOT!

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Story first published: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 12:36 [IST]
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