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Man Loses His Tool To An “Anti-Rape” Device

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This article is a sheer example of Karma being paid. A man who tried to rape a woman had his penis chopped off accidentally. All this happened as the woman was wearing an "Anti-Rape" Device.


Check out what happened to the man who tried to rape a girl and how his tool had to be permanently removed.

This woman from New York is thanking the makers of an anti-rape device saying that it saved her from being raped and brutally assaulted.

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The woman claimed that an unidentified man grabbed her on an afternoon and dragged her to the bushes and started molesting her.


 dragged her to the bushes

She knew what was in store for him if he penetrated her and within no time he did it and got his penis sliced up.

penis sliced up

The worst happened when he retracted himself and the blades dug in deeper making his wounds worse. The man had to surgically remove his penis as all the nerves were damaged.

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manhood getting cut

We only wish this story was true and such devices are made and women make proper use of it to teach the rapist the right lesson!

Well, until then this is just a fake hoax news that has been trending!

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